Paper 10


Antonius Cahya Prihandoko, Hossein Ghodosi, Bruce Litow


We study traitor tracing schemes in the context of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in content distribution systems. Traitor tracing scheme is a copyright infringement detection system which works by tracing the source of leaked information. To be effective, a traitor tracing scheme has to be designed  according to the piracy strategy that it aims to counter. Naturally, there are two strategies that are likely used by the traitors to facilitate illegal access to the
encrypted content. Firstly, the traitors may attempt to extract the decryption keys to construct a pirate decoder. Secondly, they may legally decrypt the content and then illegally redistribute the decrypted content for their own benefits. We propose a traitor tracing scheme to counter both piracy strategies. The scheme is intended to deter these kinds of piracy. However, if a pirate decoder or copy of content is discovered, the traitor detection mechanism can identify the guilty user without incriminating innocent users. Thus, our scheme preserves security for the content provider and privacy for the users in the traitor tracing context.

Keywords: Digital Rights Management, Traitor Tracing Schemes, Piracy Strategies.

This paper was submitted to the 7th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, Singapore.


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