Paper 02


(The Logical Indentification Approach in the Subject of Abstract Algebra)

Antonius Cahya Prihandoko

Abstract. The logical identification approach is an effort to train the students doing a good analysis on the Abstract Algebra concepts. Beginning with identifying all components that generate a definition or theorem, the students have to be able to formulate a logical proposition using mathematics notation correctly. According to the result of the action research on the 2003/2004 fourth semester Abstract Algebra class, it can be state that the approach gives a good contribution on the students’ activities and motivations to study Abstract Algebra.

Keywords: Identifikasi Logik, Struktur Aljabar

This article is appeared in the Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional, PANCARAN PENDIDIKAN, FKIP Universitas Jember, No. 59 tahun XVII, Desember 2004, page 1-12. See the full text


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